Cat rubbing against bookshelfThe Ontario Extend 9x9x25 Challenge began October 1, 2018. It challenges individuals and teams to create blog posts about teaching and learning; one post for each of nine weeks of at least 25 lines. Over 30 individuals and teams joined and their reflections are syndicated on the 9x9x25 blog roll.

The Daily Extend is a Twitter Challenge hosted by Ontario Extend that is currently hibernating. After completing 182 Dailies, I found I was missing it. #oext298 asked us to create Fancy Quote Images for Extenders. I decided to create some of these Fancy Quote Images for the folks in the 9x9x25 Challenges and this site is the result.

Photo credits: Alan Levine on Twitter, created for #oext298

Text on photo: Active reading also applies to and facilitates the other steps of the learning cycle, it is critical for preparing, capturing and reviewing too. ~ @IrenequStewart

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